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Please take the time to read a special message from our owner below:

"Dear amazing customers,

 It’s with mixed feelings that we announce our Totally Thomas Town store location will be closing its doors this April 8th, 2018, as we transition into being a fully online store.  

As a mother of 3 children, I started this business to bring in a little extra income for my family knowing that my first priority was to be a stay at home mom.  Totally Thomas Town was an opportunity to have extra time with my kids, to work my own hours from home while having a job I loved so much.  As the business began to grow and grow each year, I began spending more time on the business and less with my family.  To have more time with my family, I’ve decided to close the physical store and run Totally Thomas Town as an online store only.  It was a very difficult decision because we’ve loved seeing families come through the doors, meeting wonderful kids and parents, and appreciated the friendships we’ve made over the years.

We understand that for some families, this was a special place to bring their kids. At the same time, we’re relieved to see how we can continue operating Totally Thomas Town in a different format moving forward.  Totally Thomas Town will be online where as a family we can work side by side with employees to prepare orders and continue with social media.  By saving money on store costs, we’ll be able to offer you even better deals on new and used Thomas toys, which we know is important to you – it’s the whole reason we started Totally Thomas Town.

For those of you who haven’t yet shopped with us online, we really hope you’ll try it out. Just like with our physical store, we want you to feel like shopping online with us is friendly and fun. Some of the same staff (including my children!) work to prepare every order like a special gift, with each train wrapped in tissue paper, stations in bubble wrap, and we always put a little surprise in each package. You can call us if you have questions, and there is the option of having us send you a photo of your order before we mail it out so that there are no surprises. We ship at least 4 times per week so you get your items quickly.

Your continued business is really important to us as we make this transition. We hope you’ll give our online store a try.   We could also use any help you can give in spreading the word about our online store to your friends and families.

We hope to see you at our store before April 8th. If you have stamp cards, come and use them because they can’t be accepted online. After April 8th, we hope to stay connected to you via our TTT online community including FacebookInstagramTwitter, and YouTube. We’ll be offering more contests and prizes so you won’t forget about us! Please click on the links to subscribe.

Again, thank you for your business over the years. We are sad to close our physical doors, but excited to start this new chapter at TTT – we hope you’ll keep riding with us!


Diana L.

Owner at Totally Thomas Town"
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