About Us

Totally Thomas Town is a family owned business that has been in business since 2009 in beautiful British Columbia.  We specialize in gently used Thomas, BRIO, Imaginarium and other trains, tracks and stations.  

My story

Growing up as an only child, my stuffed animals were such great company.  I would make up stories, have tea parties, play school, pretend they were my friends and to me, it was like they came to life and surrounded me with fun.  When I had my first son, I was able to watch Thomas trains come to life for him.  He would spend hours making up stories, having the trains talk to each other, mimicking Thomas books that we had read together and building sets he's seen in the Thomas shows we watched.  I saw how the world of Thomas toys nurtured his creativity and brought him so much excitement, and I became an even bigger Thomas fan than him.  I knew it was my mission to make sure children felt like they could let their imaginations run wild!  Luckily for me, my first son taught me everything I needed to know about Thomas and now at 16 years old he helps me prepare online orders along with my 13 year old son and 9 year old daughter and my husband.  To us, Totally Thomas Town isn’t a job, it is part of our family.

Owner, Diana L.

Why do you sell used items?

We specialize in used items because we want to see quality Thomas products continue to be played with.  We enjoy knowing that most of our products have been loved by other spectacular people and our customers love finding pieces that aren't made anymore while saving money!  We inspect every item to ensure that they are an authentic Thomas brand in clean and good condition.  Our used items offer customers the opportunity to choose the condition of each item to fit their budget and expectations.  


We are not a big box store - we really care about customers as people and end up with long term customers - lucky us!  Check out our testimonials and you'll see what we are about.  We are so thankful for the wonderful families that have shopped with us over the years. We are all about relationships and happy customers. Shop in confidence as we care about you and take pride in our business - we will go the extra mile to ensure you are happy! 


Where are you located?

We are located in beautiful British Columbia. 

Do you ship Worldwide?

Yes we ship worldwide!  We take great care in packaging items for shipping.  When you open your special package from TTT we want it to feel like you are opening a present with all your favourite Thomas trains.  We wrap each train in fun colourful tissue paper and always add a little extra surprise in there too! 

Shipping is only $4.99 for orders over $125 in British Columbia, we offer FREE shipping across Canada and US for orders over $250 (CAD/USD), and we offer a $40 refund on shipping for orders over $300 Internationally (before tax and promotions).  For more information about shipping click here *some restrictions apply

Do you buy Thomas products locally?

Yes - the life of your Thomas toys doesn’t have to come to an end when your children have loved them all they can – you can always sell your items back to Totally Thomas Town. Simply send us some pictures of the items in good condition you would like to sell to info@totallythomastown.com and we can offer you a cheque, email transfer or Paypal funds.  

Our staff:

Everyone who is part of our team at Totally Thomas Town appreciates customers, so with everything we do, we have you in mind. It is this attention to detail that has kept customers coming back for years. Our staff consists Diana (owner), Kristen, Katrina, Annie, plus Diana’s kids and husband (her extra special helpy-helptertons)! 


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