Starter Train Set

$120.00 CAD
  • Looking for an easy and great set built by our experts at Totally Thomas Town?  We have 3 different starter train sets that are very popular.  All items included in the set will be authentic used Thomas pieces by Learning Curve and Fisher Price.  Pictures are an example, as each set is specially made for you!

    Set #1 - equal value in trains and stations:

    • Includes track 
    • Includes 2 stations and 1 bridge
    • Includes 6 trains

    Set #2 - more trains less stations:

    • Includes track
    • Includes 1 station and 1 bridge
    • Includes 9 trains

    Set #3 - more stations less trains:

    • Includes track
    • Includes 3 stations and 1 bridge
    • Includes 3 trains

    Bonus for December - receive 3 trees, 1 sign and Sir Topham hat figurine for FREE

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