Battle Blast Water Slide - Rental


Suit up and prepare for battle with the Battle Blast Water Slide Toy! With three water-blasting cannons and two protective barricades, you'll have a blast challenging your friends to the ultimate water battle. You can also challenge a friend to a game of one-on-one with the built-in basketball hoop.  This large water park measures 15'L x 12'W x 8'H and has everything you need to cool off under the summer sun.  This is ideal for kids aged 5-12, with a maximum of 1 person using the slide at a time and a combined weight of 100 pounds. This water slide comes with everything you need for hours of summertime fun!

1 Day Rental $160

Add 2 Large Super Soaker Water Guns: $15
Add 4 Large Super Soaker Water Guns: $25

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