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If you live in BC’s Lower Mainland, consider renting from Totally Thomas Town to make your child’s next party incredible!  We have bouncy castles, water slides, Thomas ride-on electric toys, food machines, and more – all at a fraction of the cost to buy.  We also rent food, beverage, and other equipment for all your party needs. Search our inventory below to find what you’re looking for.

Before you receive your rental item, we test and clean it with environmentally and child safe cleaners. For all food machine rentals, we also do another clean right before we send it out.

Rentals are generally for a 7 hour period and you are responsible for picking up and dropping off the item.  We do have the option a of 24 hour rental to suit your needs

Once you have submitted your online booking request, we will check our availability and e-mail you back with all details including pick up time, drop off time, the total amount of the rental, the damage deposit amount, the reservation amount and the item information.


What are the pick up and drop off times?

The pick up times vary depending on the store hours.  There may be the option of picking up the day before or dropping off the next morning for an additional charge


Can we pick up the rental items early or drop them off later?

There may be an option for early pick up fee (the evening prior) for an extra $20 or you can bring it back the next morning for an extra $20 depending on availability.  Please note the $20 fee is for either option not both and we do require at least 24 hours notice for this option.


What happens after I submit my online booking request form online?

We will check our availability and email you back with all the details including: pick up time, drop off time, the total amount of the rental, the damage deposit amount, the reservation amount and the item information.


How do I book my rental after I have submitted the booking request form?

Once you receive your email that it is available, please respond that you would like to move forward with the rental.  We require half of the rental payment up front to reserve your rental.  We will send you a payment link where you can pay online with a credit card or by Paypal or you can visit us during posted store hours and pay by debit or cash. Please note we only reserve item(s) when half of the rental is paid upfront so the sooner it is booked the better.


Can I book last minute?

In most cases you can book last minute but it is best if we have 24 hours notice.  If you pay half of the rental fee before you pick up the item, we have your rental prepared for your pick up.  If you choose to pay on arrival there will be an extra $10 charge, we will prepare your rental while you wait which could take anywhere from 5-45 minutes. Please note, call us before you come to the store so we can verify the item you are looking for is available.  Rental pick up times may vary and we can’t guarantee a certain pick up time.


Do you deliver?

Generally we don’t deliver.  If a rental order is over $500, delivery may be available for an extra charge.


Do we pay a damage deposit?

Yes there is a damage deposit required on all rental items.  Damage deposits for larger items such as large food items, ride on trains and bouncers vary from $100 - $150.  When an item is picked up we require the damage deposit to be paid by credit card (we reserve the funds).  When an item is brought back in clean and working condition without any damage, we release the funds.


Is it easy to set up a bouncer?

Absolutely.  Bouncers take about 5 minutes to set up and about 10 minutes to take it down.  We give you detailed instructions on setup and up take down when you pick it up your rental.


How large and heavy are the bouncers?  Will they fit in my vehicle?

The bouncers weight between 30 – 75 pounds and are the size of a large hockey bag.  All bouncers can fit in any car, truck or suv and we help you load it as well.


Do you provide all the necessary equipment for the rentals?

Yes we provide everything you need to work the rental such as blowers and pegs.  The only thing you may need is power and if you don’t have power, we do have a generator rental for $65.


Can adults use the bouncer?

No adults are much too heavy to use our bouncers and will damage the bouncers. No pets allowed either.


Do you clean and sanitize the items after each use?

Yes after each use, we test and clean each rental item.  For all food machine rentals, we also do another clean right before we send it out.  


What is the maximum kids' age of use for the inflatable bounce house rentals?

We have all of the details in terms of amount of kids and weight limits under the description of each bouncer.  On average most bouncers are for kids under 10 years of age.


Do you provide insurance for your rentals?

No we do not provide insurance.  You will need to provide your own insurance through a local insurance agency and some home owners insurance may already have coverage.  Please check with your insurance company.


Can we have food in the bouncers?  Can we decorate the bouncer?

No food, shoes, drinks, face paints, streamers or glitter are allowed in bouncers.  If a bouncer is returned with glitter, felt marks, stains we can obtain a portion or full damage deposits.


Are we allowed to use bouncers in the rain?

No.  Bouncers are not allowed to get wet and if a bouncer is returned wet or damp then the full damage deposit will be charged unless a water bouncer/slide is rented


Can we cancel?   Do we get our deposit back?

You can cancel with a minimum of 48 hours notice.  You will have 60 days to use the deposit for the same item or something larger within 60 days.  We do not give refunds on deposits. 


Can we swap out a rental?

Yes you can swap a rental if you let us know no later than the Thursday at 11:00am before your event.  If you give notice after Thursday at 11:30am, we charge a $20 switch fee.



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